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exhibition 英 [eksbn] 美 [ksbn] n.陈列,展览; 展览品,陈列品; 表明; [法](证据等的)提出 复数: exhibitions 双语例句1. The museum will have a permanent exhibition of 60 vintage cars. 这个博物馆将长期展出60辆

展览,展览会. 望采纳.

exhibition[英][eksbn][美][ksbn]n.陈列,展览; 展览品,陈列品; 表明; [法](证据等的)提出; 复数:exhibitions例句:1.The exhibition was a huge success. 这个展览获得了巨大的成功.2.A new exhibition signals the end of postmodernism. 一场新展览会标志着后现代主义的终结.

exhibition 英[eksbn] 美[ksbn] n. 陈列,展览;展览品,陈列品;表明;[法](证据等的)提出

名词 n. 1.展览;展览会,展示会[C][U][(+of)]We 乏川催沸诎度挫砂旦棘went to an exhibition of Chinese paintings at the museum. 我们去博物馆参观中国画展. 2.展览品,陈列品[C]3.表现;显示[S1][(+of)]I never saw such an exhibition of bad manners before. 我以前从未见过如此无礼的举止. 4.【英】奖学金

exhibition[英][eksbn][美2113][ksbn]n.陈列,展览5261;展览品,陈列品;表明;[法4102](证据等的)提出复数: exhibitions双语例句1.The exhibition is held annually.这个展览每年举行一次.2.an exhibition of work by

1. 大展览2. 伟大的博览会

n.陈列,展览; 展览品,陈列品; 表明; [法](证据等的)提出

主要区别在于exhibit强调展品,exhibition强调展览会. 扩展资料exhibit 英[gzbt] 美[zbt, -] vt. 呈现; 陈列,展览; 证明; [法] 提交证据; vi. 展出; 公开展览某物; n. 展览,陈列; 展览品; 公开展示; [法] 证据; 词组

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