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persuade造句回答:I am trying to persuade him to give up the attempt. 我正力图劝他放弃这种尝试. How can I persuade you of my hon

用persuade造句persuade造句:Hardly any temptation could persuade the boy to stir abroad after nightfall.天黑以后,差不多无论什么诱惑也不能

请用prefer,view,persuade造句回答:I prefer to have dinner with Tom. This room has a beautiful view outside! He persuaded me to go out with him.

用persuade sb into doing 造句 要有中文回答:Can you persuade John to do the dishes for me? 你能说服John(约翰)帮我洗碗吗?

persuade sb out of doing sth 造句一个,在线等,急用His mother persuaded he out of smoking in the house 他的妈妈成功劝说他不在屋内吸烟。

persuade的语法及有关句型persuade,induce,prevail,convinceThese verbs are compared as they mean to succeed in

用persuade sb. to do sth.造句:王坤说服不了她姐姐改变主意Wang Kun failed to persuade her sister to changed her mind .希望可以帮到你,祝学习进步!

短语翻译用persuade 1.说服或劝说某人(不)要做某事 21.Persuade somebody into/out of doing something2.Let somebody believe in something;let

用persuade sb.to do sth.造句:王坤说服不了她姐姐Wang Kun failed to persuade her sister to changed her mind .

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