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I have a friend.Her name is Lily.She is from America.She is 20 years old.She has long curly blonde hair,and she has blue eyes.She is very friendly to me.And she has many friends in america.I like her very much.She often write letters to me.She

用英语描述人的外貌及性格特点Describing Peoples Appearance and Personality Conversation

she has black hairshe is tall and beautifulhe is strongmy brother is lovelymy teacher is short亲,对我的回答满意的话,就给个好评吧.如果还有不清楚的地方,可以跟我继续交流哦.是描述一个人my friend has black eyesshe is

1.He is a very kind person.2.He has a good heart.3.He likes smile.4.He is a handsome boy.5.He was always help others.

爱迪生Thomas Edison lost his first job.For the next five years he went around the country from job to job.At last Edison went to New York.He had little money.He could not buy enough food to eat.He had no place to sleep.For many days Edison

用英语描述一个人 description somebody in English 请用英语从appearance impression facts三个方面表述关于一个人的谜语.通过你的描述,让大家猜测这个人是谁 According to the following way to description about one person's riddle.Regarding your description.Let everyone to guess who is it

my english teacher is a tall and heavy man from england. he likes rugby and playes the sport twice in a week. he has a big belly and walks around with him arms swinging from side to side. he teaches us english for 3 sessions a week. he has a loud

顺手采纳答案 用英语描述老师 My Teacher 我的老师 My favourite teacher is Miss Huang. She is a beautiful lady. She has two big eyes, a high nose and a little red mouth. There is always a smile on her face.Miss Huang likes singing and collecting

Liu Xiang (Simplified Chinese: 刘翔, pinyin: Liú Xiáng) (born July 13, 1983 in Shanghai, China) is a hurdling athlete. In 2002, Liu launched his career in fine style by winning the first IAAF Grand Prix in Lausanne with a world youth and Asian

She is medium hight,very slim,her shape is cute,and her skin is as white as snow.She has got long,curly,black hair,her lips red as wine.She has big,bright eyes,when she is smilling,her eyes are shinning. Her voice is soft,but powerful,that's because

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