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1. My Friend(我的朋友) I have a good friend. Her name is May. She is 12 years old.Her telephone number is 87634966 Her birthday is March 5th. She is good at English and Chiese.She often plays the piano. She likes reading books and

my school life everyday we go to our beautiful school in spite of rain or shine. with the ring for break throughout the schoolyard, we all become as lively as monkeys! some of us run or jump in the playground, some skip ropes, play badminton, kick

1.The Olympic Opening Ceremony was an international event and the whole world was watching! The event was held in a stadium designed to seat a large group of people. The athletes entered the stadium in a specific order. The athletes from

I have a happy family. My dad and mom love me so much. My dad is a boss. He is 39 years old. He's tall and strong. He is very strict, too. He likes cars. I always goes to car show when he has time. My mom is my dad's assistant. She is in charge

in the past i was naughty and i used to play and run in the street like a wild cat. i did not use to study and do my homework after school. so my mother was not pleased with me. but now i am a middle school student, and i think i have grown up. i

我也有一些坏习惯,too然而,i have some bad habits .I usually watches TV for more than two hours a day 我经常看电视一天超过两小时.我几乎从不熬夜,i often drinks juice and hardly ever stays up late我也通常喝果汁.Also.和每天看书I am a 14-

Dear friend, My neme is Wang Ping I come from China. My frist name is Ping and last name is Wang. I'm 14 years old. I can speak Chinese and a little english. I like palying vollerball. I like going to the movies. My favorite movie is Rush Hour

my best friendli hua is my best friend. she is slim and beautiful with a pair of glasses. she is friendly and generous. she is good at english and i am good at maths so we often help each other. her interests similar to mine, she likes traveling, reading

My father My father is very tall.He has a head of black hair. He is very thin. But he is very healthy. He is very love me. He wants me to go to a good university. So he always let me do too much homework. But he always buys me too much toys. I am very

My pet My family has a dog, his name is XXX. Everyday when I get home after school, I can see XXXX is waiting for me in the front of my home. he crouches(蹲下),when he see me ,he stands up immediately and run to me with his tail staggering

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