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情不自禁:cannot help oneself let oneself go cannot control one's feelings get off at full score in spite of oneself 相关链接:http://zhidao.baidu.com/link?url=u2ac9USQjPvXayf0A6Of9XFY5tRzAhykT19A4hNmOoe2vqyA-97VnLWInaIDjTWimIQhndNogcQGlwZpkwwYkq

这样说 Can't help it.

情不自禁 can't help doing sth.【例句】l do not want to cry, but cannot help dropping tear unluckily, how should i do?自己不想哭,可是偏偏忍不住掉眼泪,该怎么办呐?

情不自禁1.can not help2.cannot help doing3.why can't i4.let oneself go

cannot control oneself 情不自禁 当要说,情不自禁做某事的时候,要用can't help doing sth

can't help doning sth.情不自禁的做某事!

can't help but do不能帮到但只能做…… I cannot help you but wish you good luck.can't help to do不能帮助做…… can't help doing情不自禁做……

can't help doing 是情不自禁要做某事的意思,说明很喜欢 can't stop doing 就是不能停下来做某事,中性,甚至有点贬义,停不下来,控制不住

darren hayes《 creepin`up on you》 Creepin up on you is the wrong thing to do I found your address got your phone number too Visit all the stores where you buy all your clothes Been to secret places you think nobody knows If I have to breathe

Can not help but to do something

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