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My friend I have a friend. Her name's Xuke. She has two black eyes, her hair is not so long, she's not tall and not short. She is a teacher. She likes many colors, such as white, pink, purple, blue, yellow and so on.. And she also likes pets very much

I have a classmate and he is also my good friend.He is very tall and handsome. He has short and black hair. They make him more active. He has a round face, a small nose, two big eyes. Though other studebts don't think he is handsome,he is so

my classmates, she has a pair of big eyes, with long hair, high nose and a small mouth, and as tall as me, she likes smiling, also love the people find in helping others, every time when i am not happy, she will make me laugh, can make friends with

My classmate is Zhu QI with two big eyes. She is very quiet and shy. She enjoys listening to music, singing and dancing. She is a excellent student and we are the best friends.

我的同班同学(my classmates) i have many friends in my class. they're lovely and interesting. i would like to introduce some of them. alice is very cute. she's also kind to everyone and she's very enthusiastic. she's always ready to help everyone,

My classmate My best friend and also my classmate is xxx.She is fifteen years old with long ang black hair,big and sparkling eyes.She is good at dancing.She says dancing can keep people healthy and sometimes she asks me to go to the dancing

My friends I have two good friends in my class. They're twins.Zhang Jia,Zhang Jie.They look alike.They dress alike and talk alike.In fack,you can hardly tell them apart.But their characters are quite different. Zhang Jia is like her mother. She's quieter

Do you know my classmate Mary? She is the craziest girl I have ever met in my life. She is friendly and she's pretty, She's helpful and a nice person. But she is also a really brave girl in her plan of study and life. Sshe was born on October 24,1986

My ciassmater is yangquan she is good girl she use to shy But now she is very outgoing and lovely I"m very love she because she is relly lovely she ued to my ciassmater But now she is my very firend..

LiMing,as one of my best friends in my school,is a kind hearted boy who always helps his classmates,which gains a great many teachers and friends.The most unforgetable experience he give me is his lovely appearance and active learning and living attitude

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