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most of englishmost of sthmost of people(大多数人)most of places(大多数地方)of后面接可数名词复数和不可数多词,不能接可数名词单数

Nothing is impossible to a willing mind 世上无难事只怕有心人There is no tactful thing,only not die of heart.世上没有委婉的事,只有未死的心.Fools await one's doom,wise men for money愚者坐以待毙,智者坐以

记住这个结构和顺序,你的英语句子定会有提高: 主+ 谓 + 宾 + 地 + 时

“简单多数”与“绝对多数”英文翻译"Simple majority" and "absolute majority"


A simple majority and absolute majority

大多数 dà duō shù great majority; the bulk; vast majority:绝大多数 the overwhelming majority 人口的大多数 the bulk of the population 团结大多数 unite with the great majority 在大多数情况下 in most of the cases

a great deal of plenty of a great many of many a a large amount [quantity] of lots of a lot of

most of 大多数的

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