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读法见音标.scared 英[sked] 美[skerd] adj. 恐惧的; 惊恐的; 担心的; v. 使害怕(scare的过去分词); [例句]I'm certainly not scared of him 我当然不怕他.I was scared that I might be sick 我担心自己可能病了.In high school I was scared to

afraid 核心词汇 英 ['fred] 美 ['fred] adj. 抱歉的;担心的;害怕的

terrified[英][terfad][美]['terfad]adj.很害怕的,极度惊慌的,吓坏了的; v.使恐怖,使惊吓,恐吓( terrify的过去式和过去分词 ); 双语例句1.The brutal policeman terrified the old man into compliance.那个粗暴的警察恐吓老人,老人只


害怕: 1. to be afraid2. to be scared Relative explainations:<be nervous of> <be fearful of> <be afraid to> <feel nervous about> <have cold feet> <be in fear of> <turn Charley> <scare> <shrink back> <afraid> <fear> <nightmare> <be scared of> <be


fear 害怕;恐惧;敬畏;担心 afraid 害怕的;恐怕;担心的 scare 恐慌;惊吓;惊恐

scared 害怕的 请采纳支持下

fear [fi] n. 害怕;恐惧;敬畏;担心 vt. 害怕;敬畏;为…担心 vi. 害怕;敬畏;为…担心

害怕 常见释义 fear 英: [f(r)] 美: [fr] 词典:fearbe afraidbe scaredbe afraid for sth.例句:我站在那儿哭,害怕得瑟瑟发抖.I stood there, crying and shaking with fear.

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