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solution to.. 例如:We can not find a solution to this problem.

solution to:解决方法例句与用法:1.The solution to this problem is acceptable.这个问题的解决方案是可接受的.2.We've been scratching our heads for a solution to the problem.我们一直苦苦思索,想找到解决这一问题的方法.

解决的方法 Solution; [例句]那么,这个问题就,有了解决的方法.And therefore, we now have the solution to this problem.

意思为”解决“的英语单词有:solve,resolve,settle,work out,figure out.solve [slv,s:lv] vt.解决;解答;溶解vi.[过去式solved 过去分词solved 现在分词solving ]resolve [ri'z

work out

1、Mr. Green likes telling jokes. 2、It seems that we have differences in something. 3、Are you good at singing? 4、Is your brother get well with the children? 5、I would like to have a friend who is different from me

“处理” 英语短语:deal with deal with介绍 音标:英 [di:l wi] 美 [dil w] 释义:应付; 对待;惠顾; 与…交易 相关短语:1、deal honestly with competitors 诚实地对待竞争者2、deal squarely with customers 真诚地对待顾客3、deal seriously

listen to English songs watch English language movies watch English language TV programme take notes listen to the teacher carefully learn new words by heart read English books/ magazines make friends with native speakers make flash cards communicate in English 求采纳为满意回答.

dear with sth 处理,解决什么事

I have been worried about my English for a long time.For solve it,I decied to make a studying plan .I will read English story and remember English words everyday.

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